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In an effort to help and give back to the community, First Choice Property Management is offering Pro Bono (free) Management Assistance to small (up to 100 units in size) community associations in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach County.  In order to qualify for this program Associations will need to demonstrate that they are in distress and in need of assistance beyond what is considered normal. 


First Choice Property Management will provide management assistance to these associations that qualify that will consist of free bookkeeping and collection services, free administrative services and free unlimited management consulting services for one year from all staff members of First Choice Property Management.  (The association will reimburse First Choice Property Management Group for copies, envelopes, coupons and postage.) 

Pro Bono Management Assistance by First Choice will provide an association with some relief from the current foreclosure crisis which has hit associations in Florida extremely hard.  Most associations, no matter what their size, have experienced lower than budgeted operating incomes, higher collection costs, and in many cases, have had to have special assessments to make up for these cash flow problems. 

Smaller homeowner and condominium associations are finding it more difficult than the larger associations when an owner stops paying their assessments.  High delinquencies put a severe financial strain on an association and its owners who are paying their assessments.  Pro Bono Management Assistance by First Choice should help those associations that need to reduce their overhead in order to combat lower incomes.   Contact First Choice Property Management 561-999-4349  for further information on this program and how your community association may qualify.